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Welcome to Phillip Charles Lange: Beard Maker & Wig Stylist. His bespoke craftmanship is for the need of the character's requirements. Click here to look at a selection of the movies and the plays that he's worked on, for production companies.

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In his capacity as a beard maker and wig stylist, Philip started his career in South - Africa. Initially working in theatre, he subsequently moved on to work for television and film companies.
His work covers a vast amount of Shakespearian plays, as well as ballet and opera. Philip
relocated to London where he extended his craft, as a self - employed freelancer in various wigstudios and production companies.
He is very much involved in the whole process of making beards and moustaches and , sectional beards and other facial hairpieces , wigmaking and hairpieces .
Having an eye for detail, unique techniques and years of experience, his work is ideal for high definition work. Philip has worked for prestigious companies such as Ray Marston Wig Studio, under the supervision of Ray and Jeanette, Sarah Weatherburn and Sarah Guy,
BBC make - up and Wig department, with Stephen and Phillipa. Finally, Wig Creations, where he gained a lot of experience, working with very highly trained members of
the company, such as Brian , David , Godfrey , Linda , Rose , and the late Stephen. He has worked with and for award-winning make -
up artists, abroad and in the UK.

Phillip Lange Wig Stylist
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